My Company


Burt's clients are doers - entrepreneurs and independent thinkers who want more out of life.

An independent company

Burt Moss Financial is an independent firm ... not an arm of a brokerage, not an "investment store". I face no pressure to sell anything, and I do not simply offer a financial product as a financial solution.

The financial strategies and transition plans my clients receive are personalized and and strive to be multifaceted, created with an awareness of their tax picture, their long-range income needs, their risk management requirements, and their goals.

An enduring commitment

I enjoy building close relationships with my clients. I want to understand who they are as well as what they want. I don't treat exit planning as an event, but as the start of a relationship in which I strive to become a client's wealth manager and financial advocate.

An experienced perspective

I invite you to meet with me. Through discovery, we can determine your long-term income needs and talk about your next set of goals. From there, we can figure out how you may leave your business or career in a better financial position, and create a contingency plan (a plan B) for the unexpected. We can also take a look at the impact your exit might have on your estate.

You can wait for an exit-triggering event to start your exit planning, or you can start today. Why leave it to fate? Why not position yourself now for the future?

Call me or email me today ... I'd like to help you leave your company with confidence and more money.